The link below is a ZIP file that needs to be retrieved to your desktop.  Inside the ZIP file, you will find a PAK file named TCOWEB, a folder named TACOWEB which has the directory name and a word document named TCOWEBUSERSGUIDE.

Once you unzip the ZIP file, you will leave the TACOWEB folder on your desktop.  The PAK file (tcoweb) contains the files that reside on the Tandem side.  Once the PAK file is on the Tandem, alter the code to correct system type (700, 800, etc…) then unpak files.  The word doc is your user’s guide.

You will also find a temporary license file included with the Tandem files.  It is a demo license which is set to expire on 10/24/2019.   If more time is needed for demonstration usage, the time period can always be extended.


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