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QSA Enterprises LLC has been providing its products and services to consumers on a global scale since 2011.  We have more than 30 years of Tandem, HPE NonStop Server expertise between our employees.  Our attention is focused in the software development of data backup solutions and restoration.  We provide our customers the comfort of knowing that their data is secure and readily available for that ad hoc restore, for that scheduled restore or the unthinkable disaster.  So, protect your data from natural disasters, hardware failures and cyber attacks with our backup solutions.

We have enjoyed high praise from our customers over the last 30 years for outstanding support and service. QSA’s customer base is not limited by industry type; however, industries that require the most security and ability to quickly recover their data (financial institutions, healthcare, retail, and stock Exchanges) have used Q/Tos for decades.

QSA Enterprises seeks to establish a personal relationship with each client. We offer flexibility with our customers with variable payments that are unique to fit your specific needs. We also provide free demonstrations of our products so that you are aware of the quality of the service and products. Give us a call so we can schedule a demonstration and to answer any questions that you may have!

TBC24-50 years

Backup & Restore

Q/Tos is an Automated Backup/Restore Manager that catalogs and tracks all backups (BACKUP, BACKUP2 and PAK), automating recovery of critical data. This product has outlived many rival products with the same end goals while offering superior solutions.

Backups are organized by backup templates called master datasets.  The master dataset contains all of the criteria needed by the backup program such as the tape volume requirements, security, retention, etc.  When a backup is started Q/Tos uses the information in the master dataset to create the tape define to pass to the backup process.  As the backup progresses Q/Tos records every file and object backed up, be it Guardian, SQL/MP, SQL/MX or OSS.  The backup specifics are stored in a version dataset record and all file/object records are linked to the version dataset.  Q/Tos creates event messages notifying the start, end and results of each backup.

Restores are started by Q/Tos using the information in the version dataset to create the tape define used by the restore program.  Restores can be started from the QTOSCOM line-mode program or from the Q/Tos GUI.  When the restore is started from the GUI the options are selected by clicking check boxes and typing in text boxes.  Common configurations can be saved as restore profiles that will configure the options when the profile is selected.  The output from the restore is displayed in a window on the PC, removing the need to look for the output in the spooler.

To complement our Backup/Restore Manager, we also have a Rapid Restore product which transforms the serial media retrieval method to a random access method, restoring files in only 10 to 15% of the time it takes the nonstop restore program.   Q/Restore is particularly useful when retrieving files from LTO tapes.

Other products provide data storage and recovery for spooled data, Q/Sparc and  Q/Spool, a general utility for the HPE NonStop spooler environment.


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Got an OSS backup catalog? No problem, WE DO!

Q/Tos catalogs SQL/MX and OSS files and objects.

Q/Tos and Virtual Tape are not mutually exclusive.

Give your tired fingers a break with Q/Tco and boost the security and functionality of DSM/TC.

Our Products

  • Q/Tos – Backup/Restore catalog management for Guardian and BR2 (OSS & SQL/MX)
  • Q/Tco – GUI interface to DSM/TC (Mediacom) with enhanced features and access
  • Q/Sparc – Backup/Restore for Guardian spooler
  • Q/Restore – Fast restore from Guardian backups. Essential for LTO tapes.
  • Q/Spool – Enhanced spooler utility

Demonstration and Tutorial Videos

Why use Q/Tco?
A quick overview of Q/Tco
See how EASY it is to restore files using Q/Tco
Watch an OSS object restore.
Watch an SQLMX restore.