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The link below is a ZIP file that needs to be retrieved to your desktop.  Inside the ZIP file, you will find a PAK file named NEWQTOS, which contains QTOS,QTOSCOM,QTOSMON,QTOSDB,FUPNEW.   Once the PAK file is on the Tandem, alter the code to the correct system type (700, 800, etc…..) then unpack files.   Once your replace the old objects with the new ones make sure to fup licnese the objects (qtos,qtoscom,qtosdb,qtosmon).

You will also notice a file named QLREG.  This is a license file for the new objects.  To get you up and going, I created a temp license out to 12/20/2021.  You just need to make sure that the license file is in the QTOSOBJ subvolume.

You will also find a file named FUPNEW.  This file will create two new data files (DSNX and BKLOC).    Volume to your Qtosdata subvolume and from your tacl do the following.

TACL> fup/in fupnew/