QSA Products

QSA’s flagship product, Q/Tos, is an Automated Media Manager, which catalogs and tracks all backups down to the tape media and files, automating recovery of critical data. Q/Tos has outlived many rival products with the same end goals, while offering solutions superior to those of the competition. To complement our Media Manager, we also provide a Rapid Restore, Q/Restore, which transforms a serial media retrieval method to a random access method, resulting in a 1200% time savings for file recovery. QSA’s other products provide storage and recovery of spooled data, Q/Sparc, and a general utility for the spool environment, Q/Spool.

Product Summaries:

QSA’s industry standard media management software solution, Q/Tos is designed for maximum efficiency. With data operations becoming increasingly critical, the software used by operations should reflect the caliber of the HPE NonStop platform.

QSA’s Tape Catalog Optimizer, Q/Tco is an efficient point and click interface to HPE’s DSM/TC catalog. This is for those who don’t require a full function media catalog. We’ve transformed a difficult to use utility into an intuitive way to maneuver through the DSM/TC database. Besides that we’ve added security functions, a tape drive/tape mount monitor, and vastly improved the database search functions.

QSA’s fast restore product, Q/Restore, eliminates the need to wait hours to retrieve files from today’s large volume tape cartridges. Q/Restore fits seamlessly into catalog systems (Q/Tos, DSM/TC, TMF) or can be used from a TACL prompt.

QSA’s spooler archive, Q/Sparc, is the equivalent of backup and restore for spooler files with storage either on tape (physical or virtual) or in an archive disk file. This allows important spooler files to be saved without taking up valuable spooler space.

QSA’s spooler utility, Q/Spool, combines the functions of spoolcom and peruse with many added functions.  Q/Spool also includes a server program and Scobol code that provides Spooler accessibility from a Pathway environment.