Q/TCO – Tape Catalog Optimizer

Q/Tco brings point and click simplicity and expanded functions to NonStop DSM/TC (Mediacom). Q/Tco eliminates the cumbersome and wordy Mediacom commands and replaces them with clickable objects and menus. The displays have been designed for ease of movement throughout the DSM/TC database.

Q/TCO Datasheet
Q/TCO Flowchart

Q/Tco is a PC application that uses a server on the NonStop to retrieve and modify records and attributes of Mediacom (DSM/TC). Since Q/Tco is controlling DSM/TC it is not constrained by the limitations of Mediacom. So we have been able to expand upon the functions of DSM/TC and the way the data is displayed.

It’s Easier to:

List disk files on a specific tape volume
Perform functions on multiple objects
Recover disk files
Maneuver from object to object thru the database

Extensions to DSM/TC:

Tape drive activity monitor:
Displays tape drive status and relevant information.
Displays mount requests and how long they’ve been outstanding.
Tape drive commands executed from pop-up menus.
Tape mount commands executed from pop-up menus.
Displays are in real time.

User Security (allow/deny function):
If allow user, only users listed are allowed access to the function.
If deny user, only users listed are denied access to the function.

DSM/TC activity logging to system console ($0):
Send a notification to $0 from Q/TCO when the DSM/TC database is altered.
Valid for ADD, DELETE and ALTER command functions.
Can be configured to send notifications for any combination of these.

Improved SEARCH capabilities:
Every field relative to an object can be used as a search option.
Results can be used for further Q/Tco actions.
Results can be printed.