About QSA

In 1990, QSA introduced the first fully automated media catalog for NonStop servers, Q/Tos. Much has changed since then and Q/Tos has evolved to allow the NonStop community the best way to leverage the new technologies as they became part of the backup/restore landscape. Labeled tape support, Tape Libraries, PAK Files, Virtual Tape and now OSS and SQL/MX backups, Q/Tos has led the way in cataloging and protecting backup data on the HPE NonStop server platforms.

But that isn’t all we do. We’ve improved data retrieval from large capacity tapes with Q/Restore, the restore utility that recovers backup data in about 15% of the time it takes with guardian restore. We’ve modernized spooler management with Q/Spool and Q/Sparc, our backup/restore utility for spooler jobs. And we’ve removed the complexity from DSM/TC with Q/Tco, the point-and-click interface to DSM/TC that expands the functions beyond the basic catalog.

For decades QSA has been providing application services to users of the HPE NonStop platform. QSA Enterprises, LLC offers some of the most functional and widely used products in the NonStop environment and has achieved a peerless reputation for customer service and support. With many years of experience exclusive to the NonStop OS, QSA has established itself as a premier software house delivering unmatched levels of reliability and performance. QSA customers include major corporations in retail, healthcare, insurance, finance, and banking.

What We Do

We provide tools to normalize backup storage and associated media to facilitate the recovery of data when required.

  • Media catalog solutions
  • Data recovery optimization
  • Spooler management
  • Custom software
  • Contract programming