Q/Tos is an automated tape management/media catalog system that allows a higher level of security and tracking of tape media on HPE NonStop servers. Q/Tos catalogs files and objects backed up from both the GUARDIAN and OSS environments, including SQL/MX.

Q/Tos provides transparent use of labeled tape operations for legacy BACKUP/RESTORE, BR2, and other programs and utilities that use tape volume (physical or virtual). All DEFINE attributes and storage allocations are controlled and issued by Q/Tos based on parameters stored in the Q/Tos database. BACKUP and RESTORE (legacy and BR2) commands are issued in their native form by the operator or from a command file as in NETBATCH. Q/Tos then monitors the job until completion. BACKUP procedures are stored in the Q/Tos database by DATA SET, recording the tape volumes used, the backup listing records and all other relevant information for the BACKUP. This information is used to automate the RESTORE process.

Q/Tos Datasheet


INTEGRATED QUICK RESTORE restores files 1200% faster than legacy restore alone. Click here for more information.

OSS and SQL/MX Media Catalog:

Q/Tos catalogs objects backed up by BR2. Search and retrieve OSS and SQL/MX objects with the same ease as retrieving guardian files.

Automated Incremental Backups:

Backup date is stored in the Q/Tos database (macros) and used whenever the configured macro is used to start a backup. The date is updated at the successful completion of the backup and at the successful completion of the associated full backup.

Tape Volume Security:

Secures tape volumes in the in-use state.
Tapes must meet attribute requirements defined in the Q/Tos database to be used.
Tracks location of tape volumes (onsite/offsite/rack slots).

Function Security:

Each user is assigned a security profile which is cross-referenced with a guardian user id.
The security profile restricts or allows a user’s ability to perform database functions by screen.
The security profile restricts or allows a user’s ability to perform process control functions.
The security profile can restrict user functions to datasets owned by the user.

Tape Drive Management:

Two modes, Auto Volume Recognition (AVR) mode and Scratch mode.
AVR mode uses tape volumes selected by Q/Tos.
Scratch mode allows any valid scratch tape (as determined by Q/Tos) for write operations.
Tape drive pool allows scratch mode operations to start on the first available tape drive in a pool.
Job queuing is performed for multiple jobs assigned to the same tape drive.
Tape drives can be reserved by Q/Tos for Q/Tos only access.

TMF Management:

Updates the Q/Tos database whenever TMF completes a dump to tape.
Automated tracking of offsite and onsite TMF tapes.
Generates a Pick List detailing where the tapes are to be stored (onsite/offsite/rack slot).


AUTO RESTART of abended backup processes. All backups used are linked by Q/Tos.
ERROR and RETRY and CLEAN count for all tapes.
RETRIEVAL LIST generated for offsite tape volumes.
AUTO CHECKIN for retrieved tape volumes.
AUTO SCRATCH for DATA SET versions and associated tape volumes.