Q/Sparc (spooler archive) is a full function backup and restore subsystem for HPE NonStop spooler jobs. Jobs can be archived to tape (physical or virtual) or to archive files on disk. All spooler job information is stored with the archived job, providing for intuitive recovery of archived jobs. A detailed report is generated for all jobs archived.

Q/Sparc Datasheet

With the SPLBACK function of Q/Sparc, the entire spooler can be archived or spooler jobs can be selected for archive by specific job number(s), job number ranges, age, size, collector, location, and many other criteria which can be combined to further narrow down the job selection. Q/Sparc can be instructed to delete jobs after they have been archived or to flag the archived jobs for later deletion (also with Q/Sparc) or to leave the archived jobs untouched.

The line mode command string makes Q/Sparc easy to use with command files (OBEY and TACL) and from within a batch environment.

Once the spooler jobs are archived they can be perused, using the Q/Sparc SPLVIEW function, without having to restore the job to the spooler. The archived jobs can also be transferred from tape to disk or from disk to tape with the Q/Sparc SPLTRANSFER function. This allows for flexibility in job storage by providing the option of creating subsets of an archive or by changing the media on which the spooler jobs are archived.

Q/Sparc’s SPLREST function recovers the archived job(s) from an archive source (disk or tape) to the specified spooler or to the original location of the archived job. Jobs can be recovered by the same criteria as the SPLBACK function and can access multiple archives in the same operation. The SPLREST report shows the original job number as well as the job number of the newly created spool job.