Q/Spool is an enhanced utility for the HPE NonStop spooler subsystem. Besides containing the functions of spoolcom and peruse, Q/Spool expands the command set beyond these standard utilities.


  • Programmable Function Keys: Each user can define the actions of the function keys and store them in a stand-by configuration file or in a default file which is auto-loaded when Q/Spool is started. Function key actions can be commands or a series of commands.
  • Jobs Table: Using the TABLE command, Q/Spool creates a table of spooler jobs populated using the job selection criteria of the JOB command. This generates a subset of the spooler jobs for the user, making it easier to navigate in the vast number of spooler jobs. The table of jobs can be displayed to select the job numbers or the table can be examined sequentially using the NEXTJOB command.
  • Default Modes: Q/Spool has separate operation modes for device, job, location, collector, and print process commands. In any of these modes a subcommand can be entered without having to specify the object of the command. Operation modes are easily changed by specifying the object of the mode. If an object of JOB 17 is defined commands executed will be applied to JOB 17; EX. LL, or F “tstring” or LOC #DEVICE1. The default mode is shown in the prompt.
  • Pathway Server: Q/Spool is capable of functioning as a pathway server to allow spooler functionality in a pathway environment. Requestor code and configuration requirements are supplied.
  • Print To Local Device: The LIST command has been enhanced to list out to a local device attached to a workstation, either directly or via a network.
  • Enhanced Job Search Criteria