Frequently Asked Questions

Can Q/Tos track backups performed by PAK?

Yes. Q/Tos treats PAK backups the same as any other backup, but instead of tracking tape volumes, Q/Tos tracks the file(s) created by the PAK process, treating them as tape volumes. As with all other Q/Tos operations, all the user has to do is issue a backup syntax within the qtoscom command and Q/Tos handles the rest.

Is Q/Tos compatible with all tape drives?

Yes, Q/Tos works with all magnetic tape devices and all virtual boxes (ETINET, TSI & HPE).

Does Q/Tos provide backup, restore, and cataloging solutions for OSS and SQL/MX?

Yes. All that is required of the user is a backup command using the correct Backup/Restore 2 syntax. Q/Tos automates all of the operations functions required when using BR2. Q/Tos creates the tape define, starts Brcom and monitors/manages all processes associated with BR2. Not only does Q/Tos make BR2 easy to live with, it catalogs every file and object that is backed up for easy retrieval. Object and file retrieval is performed in the same easy method as the backup. Simply issue a restore command through qtoscom and Q/Tos does everything else.


backup2(oss-objects) *,oss/OssTerry,out $s.#tst,listall on
restore2(oss-terry(6)) $dat,oss(/OssTerry,target /copy)

Is there a program to convert an existing database to a Q/Tos Database?

Yes, although there is a small amount of manual steps to perform.

Can foreign tapes be logged?

Yes, new datasets can be added by way of the UPDATE command within Qtoscom.

Is there a way to track real-time status of tape drives and tape mounts?

Yes, with the Tape Drive Monitor facility. The TDM is a Windows program that shows all tape devices and tape mounts along with the amount of time the mount has been outstanding.

Can off-site tape movements be tracked?

Yes, you will know where the tapes are off-site and when they are due to return. We even track physical copies of virtual tape sets that have been sent off-site.

Can Q/Tos be used with DSM/TC?

No. Q/Tos and DSM/TC do not communicate nor do they share database elements. They can, however, reside on the same system.

Does Q/Tos track TMF tapes?

Yes, on and off-site. And by using the gui, Q/Tos automates TMF recover operations.